Complaints policy and procedure

Great Mongeham Parish Hall Complaints Procedure Policy

Great Mongeham Parish Hall Committee is committed to maintaining its strong
partnership with members of the local community. 

Our complaints procedure is straightforward, and most informal complaints of a
minor nature usually can be resolved by the Chairman or one of the Trustees.
Occasionally they may be taken to the Committee.

Stage One: Informal Complaints

Informal complaints should be raised with the Chairman or the Administrator. The
Administrator will acknowledge the complaint and take it to the Chairman. If
the complaint is minor, the Chairman will make a decision, sometimes seeking
advice from other Trustees, and speak to the complainant. More complex informal
complaints may be taken to the whole Committee for discussion and resolution.
The complainant will be informed of the outcome. Complainants who remain
dissatisfied at this stage may make a formal complaint.

Stage Two: Formal Complaints

Formal complaints should be made in writing to the Booking Person and will normally be investigated by the Chairperson in the first instance. The Chairman will bring the matter to the attention of the Committee to be discussed at the next Committee meeting.

On some occasions a special meeting may be called to discuss the issue. The complainant will be informed that the complaint is to be discussed by the Committee at the next meeting and that a response will be given after that date. The Chairman will inform the complainant of the decision taken.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response, he/she may ask to come to the next Committee meeting to put the case to the Committee in person. After the complainant’s submission, the Committee will discuss the case in private and, reviewing all the evidence, come to a decision. The complainant will be informed of the decision and reasons given for that decision.



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